Lord of the Manor


Jarod stands about 5 foot 10 and is of average build
He appears to be around 30 yearas old and a human
The most noticeable feature is the patch he wears over his left eye
Like most on his estate, he wears an outfit that is clean and functional
If you did not know he was the Lord of the estate, you would think he was some sort of guildsman


When you talk to him, he seems older than he looks
he talks about his trips to the Underdark, and other places
He has lived at Swickley most of his life
Most people on the estate, refer to him as “Uncle Jarod”
The hobgoblins that guard his grounds call him “cousin”
He has a daughter Sylvia
A companion named Cassandra
His sister is named Rachel
And a nephew named Jeremiah

There are times he appears absent minded, and will talk to anyone or anything


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